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Ah, my old foe; we meet again.

2004-07-06 - 11:42 a.m.

So today? Zits! Oh sure, now that Iím in my thirties I canít tell when Iím ovulating anymore but I still break out like a teenager as part of my PMS. Not. Fair. Those ads with women saying theyíd never thought theyíd have to deal with blemishes and wrinkles at the same time? I am starting to relate.

Iím assuming that it is PMS but I wonít know for sure until, well, I move out of the ďpreĒ stage. At this point Iím going on 45 days sans sign.

So does this mean Iíll be crabby and emotional for the next couple of days? (J, I hope youíre reading this so youíre prepared.) Am I even now bloating and retaining water? Actually, that last isnít such bad news because I think my total weight loss is up (down?) to 7 or 8 pounds and if some of that is water, yay!

I went to a meeting for my new job yesterday. Though the subject matter is a bit dry, the actual tasks and processes should be interesting and Iíll get a chance to employ my talents and interests. Right now the group is newly-formed so thereís a lot of thrashing out of the basics and everyone sizing everyone else up. Iíll be going to a 2-day meeting next week and on holidays for the rest of the week, followed by settling in at my new digs, so updating might be sporadic for the next while.

One cool thing I actually had to take a pass on this morning was the opportunity to tour the (heretofore unsuspected) tunnel system under Ottawa. I have too many loose ends to tie up at my current job but Iím told that I will get another chance.

Speaking of which, Iíd better be off.

ņ demain.

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