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2004-07-02 - 10:35 a.m.

Canada Day has come and gone and all that’s left to do is pick up the detritus littering a) downtown and b) my backyard.

J and I hosted a BBQ for the afternoon. It was semi-well attended; the only notable absences were a clump of my friends that had confirmed they’d be there.

Now for what’s really burning my ass this morning; I have an etiquette question for you to ponder:

Say you had gone to a Canada Day BBQ at least three years earlier, hosted by one of the same people who was hosting the one you are currently at.

You had brought to that long-ago party, two large plastic cups.

You had never since made any mention of those cups or asked for them back.

Since that day, the host had met his current wife and they’d moved in to a new house, taking the trouble to pack and bring those cups with them.

You had been to both this new house within the last year and a half and the old house for the year and a half prior to that many times and seen those very cups there, but not asked for them back.

Now you are at another Canada Day BBQ and the host and hostess are providing all the food, utensils, disposable plates and cups, etc. They took time off work to clean and shop and prepare for the party; they will be having to do all the clean-up, etc. after you leave.

Would you think maybe it’s a little, oh, rude to go into their cupboards and take both plastic cups and spirit them out of the house and home with you?

Granted, plastic cups are exceedingly handy, especially when they’re very large – which may explain why the host and hostess like(ed) to use them all the damn time - so it may be understandable why you’d want those cups. And they can be easily replaced since they aren’t that expensive – presumably that’s why you took them to someone’s home and left them there for three years in the first place. But still...


Please feel free to weigh in here.

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