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Well doesn't this just suck?

2004-06-18 - 5:22 p.m.

Disaster has struck! Well, maybe not a total disaster but my new job has been torpedoed.

Turns out, that manager’s mouth was writing cheques his organization couldn’t cash. When he offered me the position, he thought he could bring me on – he thought wrong. Turns out he was, and I quote “stymied by an internal HR turf war” and the people who it seems had sign off power chose not to exercise that power.

Hrm. Well. Ahem. *pulls collar* Now what do I do?

I had actually written a “heads-up” to my home organization to warn them that I was considering switching if all went through. The grape vine being what it is, I didn’t want them to hear it from somewhere else first. I’m still glad I operated on the up-and-up but man, I’m even more glad that I went out of my way to be tactful and polite and not burn any bridges.

I had turned down someone else – who I’d actually been keen to work for but they weren’t so aggressively certain they could pull it off – so I suppose I’ll give her a call. If that doesn’t lead anywhere, well, I do have some tricks up my sleeve but, honestly, I’d just be happy to leave where I am now, even if it does mean going back to my “home base” from whence I’d been looking to escape. People who are leaving are actually beaming and bouncing up and down on their last day and I want to be one of those people.

Another installment on Monday when I’m sure I’ll have way, way more to tell you, assuming I can get the time.

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