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Migraines, Montréal, and the World’s Cutest Niece.

2004-06-07 - 10:30 a.m.

I am going to go backwards through the weekend because we met our new niece on Sunday (squee!) and you have to take my word for this, she is the cutest thing evah. Just as cute? The way my husband J was absolutely enthralled by her. Every chance he got to hold her, she was in his lap. Every time she was in his lap, you couldn’t have wiped the smile off his face with a pressure hose. He even got to feed her a bottle (my sister in-law has to supplement with formula because she’s not producing enough high-quality breast milk and the baby was losing weight). He was absolutely delighted with her.

I would say this bodes well.

On Saturday we got up at the ungodly hour of 6 am in order to be on the road for 7am. Why, you may ask, were we up and at ‘em so early? There was a garage sale to go to and a grandmother to visit; Montréal awaited!

As it turned out, there wasn’t much that tempted us at the sales (though I did snag a leather purse for $3 and an April Cornell dress for $2, woo me!), but we had a great time. The advantage of getting going so early is that we had a full day there; in addition to the yard sales and lunch with my grandmother, we went to an art gallery to see some of Valérie Butters’s work, went for a looong walk up to the top of Mount Royal and down, and had dinner before coming back.

Two things, 1) if you get a chance to buy something of Valerie's this summer, I think it'd be a good idea and we're going to - I have it from a reliable source that her prices will go up significantly after her solo show this September and she's about to be placed in some fairly high-profile galleries in Vancouver and Ottawa, and 2) if you're ever in Montreal and have already tried the smoked meat at Schwartz's, and the steamed hot dogs and fries at any of the million greasy spoons, get some pepperoni pizza. There seems to be a supplier of pepperoni in Montreal that has the best recipe ever.

Friday my friend Dustin was singing but, unfortunately, I developed a migraine and couldn’t go. J went, however, to represent the family, and I am very, very jealous. I’ve been wanting to hear Dustin sing for a very long time and I feel gypped to have missed his solo performance.


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