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2004-05-27 - 11:02 a.m.

This being the week for big announcements, I might as well fess up and let people know that Iíve accepted one of the jobs I was offered. (Private note to Paul: Sorry. If youíd still been there it might have been a different story.) I still have to let my current home department know and I am waiting for details such as dates, etc. before I do, but Iíve been made an offer I canít refuse. That part about running my own program with its own budget proved just too tempting.

In the end, the one that was my first choice (based on the fact that I really clicked with the boss) just couldnít get a solid offer my way in time and I was afraid that if I turned down the other one, the one that was madly wooing me, Iíd end up not actually getting either and going back to my old workplace. It didnít hurt that theyíd upped the ante while I was deliberating either. Iím not going to get into office politics so suffice it to say, there have been some recent developments in the way my job programís being handled there that Iím not too keen on, and Iím not the only one.

SoÖ the bad news is that when I do start work there (in more than two but probably less than 4 weeks), you might not see the daily updates being maintained for awhile. Iíll still make an effort but thereís no way I can predict what my schedule will be like, except that busy can probably be counted on. The good news is that Iíve gotten into the habit of writing so it doesnít actually take that long to write an entry and Iíll do my darnedest to keep it up. In the meantime, I fully expect the slow pace around here to allow me to soldier on as I have been.

I should soon have lots of tales to recount, given my busy weekend schedule for the next month...

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