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Just call me Aunt Shawna.

2004-05-26 - 10:36 a.m.


While pretty hefty at 9 pounds 4 ounces, she wasn’t as big as we (and when I say “we” I mean particularly her mother) had feared from the predictions based on the ultrasound of 4 weeks ago. She’s 22 ˝ inches long but I don’t know where that falls on the size scale for babies.

We’d gotten the call last night to let us know that my sister in-law was going in for induction and the hope was that 1) labour would be successfully induced and 2) it wouldn’t be too long so that our niece or nephew would be here today. And TAH DAH, a niece!

J is very excited (as of course am I, though I think he’s got the edge on the “more excited” competition since it’s his sister and they’re pretty close) and I think we’re going down in a couple of weeks, once his sister has a chance to get home, bond, get the knack of breastfeeding, and recover a bit physically. The two sets of grandparents are, of course, already there and cooing over the baby.

Since my mother’s birthday was Monday and my brother’s was Tuesday, this is the third consecutive day of birthdays in my family now, and the fourth for the month since my other brother just turned twelve 21 days ago. It means May is an expensive month but man, it sure makes it easy to remember the dates.

Aunt Shawna has a nice ring to it, non? I hope I do a good job; my own aunts and uncles weren’t terribly into kids and didn’t really interact with us, so my role models would have had me believe that the aunt’s and uncle’s job is to send presents at birthdays and Christmases and talk with parents while the kids amuse themselves. I’m now told that an aunt’s job is to spoil the kids and have fun with them. I think I can handle that.

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