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They want me. They REALLY want me!

2004-05-19 - 9:32 a.m.

No niece or nephew yet. My sister inlaw was in for more tests yesterday and the day before; they don’t want to induce yet but will check again next Tuesday.

So, the job hunt. You know how they say that when it rains it pours? It’s true.

I feel like I’m in university and, after a while without a boyfriend, I’ve been asked out by several cool guys in the same week. And they’re all very different people, yet they’re all interesting and cute and have a lot going for them in their own ways.

I know that it’s probably sickening to hear someone complain that they have too many options but nevertheless, the fact is I’m in a bit of a quandary as to what to do. I have two groups that want me to work for them that I’d like to work for and I can only pick one. And I like the people at both places but the team personalities and dynamics are very different, as are the jobs I’d be doing. Those jobs are also very different and each would give me valuable experience, but could send my career along very different paths. Which is the best path? Which should become the road not taken and will I regret not taking it?

I know Sars would probably counsel me that decisions aren’t written in stone and if I start a new job and realize that it was a mistake I can always see if the other one was still open or look for something else. (And when faced with a bit of a pickle, one should always ask oneself, “What would Sars do?”(wwsd?))

So I guess I have a decision to make. I’ve promised a verdict by Friday. The one I’m leaning towards is trying to find out if they can hire me (there are funding issues) but the one that is second in my mind is fast moving up because they? REALLY seem to want me. It’s almost freaking me out a bit – I’m hearing from them pretty much daily saying things like, “You like project management? We have a $400k program which needs a manager.” “Interested in policy development? We have some work in that area.” “Want to only work for us for a few months and look for somewhere else in the department that might suit you better? We wouldn’t mind; we’ve certainly got short-term work for you.”

They say it’s because the department is desperately short of qualified young people with science backgrounds, but I’m starting to suspect they actually eat us, so ardent are they in wooing me over there.


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