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Could this journal get more boring? Do I want to test those particular limits?

2004-05-17 - 9:14 a.m.

Still no niece or nephew yet. Iím betting on this week though.

I have yet another job interview today. In less than an hour actually so I have to keep this short. Itís at the same place as the one I interviewed for last Friday but with a different group of people. This one is more science-based than the other one and thus might be more up my alley. I think I should hopefully know this week where Iíll be going for my next job, and also have an idea of when.

Looks like this is shaping up to potentially be a big week.

Itís a beautiful day today, by the way. Sunny and warm, without being too hot, just like yesterday.

Oh. I helped some friends move and got a sunburn yesterday.


J and I also went to a couple of open houses in an area weíre thinking of moving to within a year or so.


Yíknow, today I think Iím going to go with the philosophy that if I canít write anything interesting, I wonít just blather on. If I think of anything compelling, or if I get any interesting news, Iíll either add to this entry or add another entry today, otherwise, look for more blathering tomorrow.

Edited to add: Wait, wait! I realized that I did indeed have a noteworthy topic that came up this weekend. I have to get going to my job interview and maybe even do some work this afternoon but I promise that tomorrow's entry will be entertaining. Or at least an improvement over today.

Edited to later add: This interview also went well and now it seems like another group might be interested in hiring me. I don't want to complain about suddenly being too popular but I have definitely got some thinking to do about what I want to do and where I'd want to go.

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