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2004-05-10 - 10:29 a.m.

Dude, who would have thought that Shii Ann would be the voice of reason? And yet, that was exactly what she was during the final tribal council on Survivor last night.

So Rob didn’t win but Amber did and that was second-best in my book. But that finale? Rob and Amber getting engaged on live TV, Lex called out for dissing Rob for doing exactly what Lex himself had done (and STILL NOT GETTING IT?), people booing Jerri (really people, cut the woman some friggin slack; she’s a person, not a WWF villain), and the overwhelming bitterness of the jury who would have happily voted out the people who’d voted them out had the shoe been on the other foot -- unusually emotionally-charged stuff for that show.

I will be curious to see who the audience is going to vote the second million dollars to this Thursday. I know it’ll go to one of the popular kids like Rupert or Colby, heck, maybe even Rob since I think a lot of people felt he got robbed (no pun intended), but I think I’m going to cast a vote for Jerri Manthey who I feel has been unjustly treated by the viewing public (seriously, check out her bio – she’s into some interesting and worthy stuff). I don’t think that she’ll win but I do think it might make her feel a bit better to get some of the votes. If they gave out a merit badge for “Most Improved” I think she would have gotten it, hands down. Her attitude, at least in the footage that they selected to air, seemed so much better this time around.

Of course, who am I really to sit in judgment, good or bad, of anyone on this show? I know we only see what the producers want us to see. I know I don’t really “know” the people who are part of the cast any more than I “know” another online journaller that I’ve never met in person. Still… vote for Jerri! Yay!

Hm. I never did write the Mother’s Day entry on my mom but her birthday is coming up this month so I may wait until then. While I didn’t get to see my mom this weekend, I did call her and I got to see my stepmother et al., as well as the Outlaws. May’s a big month in my family as both my brothers and my mom have their birthdays this month, plus there’s Mother’s Day, and if my niece or nephew is born around the expected due date there’ll be another May birthday to add to the list. I guess that’s a natural consequence of the lets-cuddle-up-and-keep-warm instinct that sets in in the fall? Or perhaps the woohoo-it’s-not-too-hot-and-sticky-to-get-close feeling that comes with the cooling weather in September. At any rate, there’re a lot of babies born this month.

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