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Man, that's one big baby!

2004-05-05 - 9:21 a.m.

Just to add on to yesterdayís post, it turns out that they went with Griffin for the first name (which I quite like, not that my opinion on this matters a whit), and Atari as a middle name. Thatís not too bad as it probably wonít come up very often and strange middle names arenít all that rare. My sisterís middle name was Alu while we were growing up. She has since changed her name and Alu didnít make the cut (she took a new first name that was more ďherĒ, moved her old first name to the middle, and dropped her married name in favour of a slightly changed version of her maiden name), but I donít think I would have minded it. My middle name is Lynn and itís always seemed like every other female Iíve met has Lynn as a middle name; something more unique would have appealed to me.

Since Iím on a baby roll, I should let you all know that my sister inlaw has received a mix of good news and bad. I didnít mentioned it but her baby had been in a breech position and there was some concern that it wouldnít be able to turn [foreshadowing] because it might be too big.[/foreshadowing] This would have meant a scheduled C-section.

Well, at more than 4 weeks before the due date the ultrasound revealed that the baby had turned and thus they could try for a normal delivery.

The bad news? The ultrasound technician estimated that the baby, at that point, weighed about eight pounds.

Let me just say that again. The baby, with almost five weeks of development and growing left to do, already weighed eight freakiní pounds! Donít babies put on a lot of their weight at the end of the pregnancy? Is she looking at a potential 10+ pounder?

Talk about your mixed blessings! If Iíd been the recipient of that news I would have probably said, ďSo about that C-section, are you sure thatís a no-go? ĎCause I could probably be persuaded to still consider itÖĒ

As of yesterday her doctor has ordered her to stay home because her blood pressure has gotten too high. The general suspicion among friends and family is that sheíll probably be early. At the very least I strongly suspect they wonít let her go any later than her due date and will induce if she reaches it.

Less than a month and Iíll be an aunt!

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