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Retaining my lunch.

2004-05-04 - 9:51 a.m.

I got a new retainer yesterday. (Why yes, I am a 31 year-old dork thank you.) Actually the technical term for it is soft splint, if memory serves. My previous one had been so ill-fitting that I had trimmed it down to cover only my front, non-molar teeth and I had found that to be very serviceable and wore it at night for a year and a half. Now Iíve got a new full one and it fits well so I can leave it as it is. The catch? Iím not used to it and it tends to trigger my gag reflex.

How sexy, non?

I can see it now, Saturday morning, lazily stirring from sleep, my husband snuggles up to me suggestively, looks soulfully into my eyes andÖ hyruck, my eyes bulge attractively and I beam a retainer-distorted smile at him, trying to winsomely disengage myself so I can prance off to take the damn thing out before it makes me hurl.

In other news, the world seems to delight in dropping me baby hints. Not tiny little hints, but hints that go something like this, ďTick-tock, tick-tock.Ē

Saturday I had dinner with my very pregnant sister inlaw. And did I mention that sheís younger than me? Today Iím attending a baby shower for a woman here at work. Also, I believe, younger than me. Yesterday I had word that some old acquaintances had a baby boy. And just to digress here a bit, you know what they were talking about naming their child, girl or boy?

Go on, guess.

You will never guess in a million years so I might as well tell youÖ


Now I know itís not exactly wise to knock someoneís baby-name choice in a public forum such as the internet, especially when said someone is obviously a computer geek of the highest caliber [oh pipe down, I fully admit to being a bit of a geek myself and have many geek friends and we accept the term with pride knowing full well that geeks rule the world] and might find this journal but really, Atari?

I admit itís a pretty-sounding name but it will forever be the name of an early video game system to my generation. Itís a name that famous musicians or movie stars can get away with giving their kids. Atari Reeves. Atari Willis. Atari Zappa.

Oh well, perhaps the baby will grow to be as unusual and interesting as his name. I do think that a lot of people do. Just look at Tiger Woods or Peekabo Street. I just hope that their second baby wonít be named Coleco. That really would be too much.

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