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Clean sweep needed.

2004-05-03 - 10:43 a.m.

Speaking of cleaning, my mother is coming to catch 40 winks at my place later this week. (Im sure that you can see immediately how the two things are related.) She works in the city but lives an hour out, and shes working Wednesday night but has to be in town for something else later on Thursday, so shes taking advantage of our open invitation to stay at our place.

This is not a problem. My mom is welcome any time.

However, this will necessitate some much-needed spring cleaning. Dont get me wrong, I love a clean, clutter-free house, but we rarely have the luxury of time to get the house to that point and maintain it in that state.

To start with, J has his computer in the spare room and his papers (and to a lesser degree, my papers as well) have started to take over the room, including the top of the guest bed. As well, like many couples, weve started to treat the spare room more as a giant storage catch-all than as a functional room. Presents from two Christmases ago that Ive never needed to use (some of which are from my mother so Id better get them out of sight pronto)? In that room. Clothing that fell out of fashion a decade ago? Also there. Boxes of stuff that we havent sorted through since moving in two years ago? You guessed it.

In fact, in a fit of good intentions, a couple of months ago I dragged about six boxes of stuff into our hitherto clean bedroom and went through them and the end result? One boxs worth recycled paper, one box filled with stuff to be given to the Salvation Army, one box of various useful home office supplies returned to the spare room and three boxes with their contents sorted to match each other still sitting in our bedroom and slowly becoming enshrouded in dust. And I think that the best I can hope for for these three boxes at this point is to return them to the closet in the spare room from whence they came and reclaim our bedroom floor.

I did start to make some inroads this weekend while J, poor fellow, was mired down with a cold I got the two bathrooms cleaned, swept the hallway and stairwell, and did all the laundry but there remains much to be done. The clutter and paper and general flurb* infesting the house just has to get dealt with. Id also like to get my art pieces out of the general pile of clutter and up on the walls where they belong.

They say having company over is a good incentive to tidy up; when that company is your mother and shell be going beyond the first floor where you normally entertain, the incentive goes up exponentially.

* As a teenager, I ran across the word flurb in a Sheri S. Tepper novel I believe it was Wizards Eleven when one of her characters used it to describe the ball of lint etc. that collects in pockets, and the word just stuck with me. Over the years, Ive expanded its meaning to include dust bunnies and various detritus that just collects where its not wanted. Trust me, flurb is a perfectly cromulent word.

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