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Saddle sore after all.

2004-04-30 - 10:35 a.m.

So I didnít lie yesterday. At least not intentionally. Rather, I was mistaken about the hardiness of my ass. It turns out that it doesnít actually matter whether your muscles are up to the task, if your butt hasnít been bumped along on a bicycle saddle for some months, you get sore. Not in a pleasant, ďIíve worked for itĒ in the whole muscle sore, in a ďboy, sitting on something of that size and shape just isnít that fun the second dayĒ kind of sore. More like a bruised-feeling (but thank Heaven, not bruised-looking) section of your butt when you sit.

So let the gloating commence. I asked for it by bragging yesterday about how not-sore I was.

Actually, I ended up being doubly-humbled yesterday. Remember when I said Iíd been feeling thinner lately, even though the scale didnít agree with me? Well I must have just been getting used to my current size but the scale, it tells the truth. As does trying on summer clothes for the first time this season.

Iíve had this pair of shorts for years you see. They were my huge, comfy pair of shorts that I wore until they got ragged. At one point a couple of years ago, I considered getting rid of them because they were just so big on me and I couldnít wear them without a belt. Can you see this coming? Yesterday I needed to throw on a pair of shorts to run outside for something when I got home. The only ones not packed away for the winter were my huge green shorts, aaaaannnd.... too small. I could do them up but they certainly werenít comfortable. *sigh* Iím not even going to go into how discouraging it was to have the fact brought home to me that my mental image of myself is slimmer than the reality.

I hate to leave you with a down note for the weekend though so Iíll just say that I have a good feeling about the job interview I have coming up in an hour. Oh the suspense...

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