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I like to ride my bi-cy-cle, I like to ride my bike.

2004-04-29 - 11:03 a.m.

While I donít love my bike to the point that Iíd give it a name (Mo, Iím looking at you), I was extremely happy to be riding it this morning, for the first time this year. I like biking but more than that, I like the fact that my first outing on the bike means that the weatherís finally warmed up. Living in the coldest (or second coldest depending on whose numbers you use) capital city in the world, you learn to appreciate these harbingers of spring.

The funny thing is, Ottawa is a fantastic city for biking. There are bike paths and trails all over the place. They border the canal and rivers from the outskirts right to the hub of the city, cut through green spaces, and wind up into the nearby Gatineau Hills. Yet they canít really be used for at the very least an entire quarter of the year. Maybe itís the fact that the time our weather is decent is so precious to us that we do what we must to really make use of it.

Iím also happy to report that my working out in the gym over the winter paid off; the first bike ride of spring used to mean puffing and sweating and adjusting to the new type of movement after a winter of clumping slowly along in snow boots or, more realistically, sitting on my ass in the warm indoors. This year I could feel the muscles of my legs pumping away as I casually coasted along to work. I wasnít even sweating when I got here. I hope that itís the same case this afternoon as I have to bike to a job interview. I plan to leave early enough to just pedal my way there slowly and then have time to change my shoes and cool down before I actually meet people.

Between this interview and one tomorrow, Iím hoping something good is coming my way. Wish me luck!

Oh and, for the one of you reading I that know cares about this, I passed my CanFitPro practical test last night (did I mention I passed the written a couple of weekends ago?) so as soon as the paperwork is filed Iíll have the certification. Yay!

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