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Monday, April 19th

2004-04-19 - 10:53 a.m.

I passed the CanFitPro written exam. Yay for me! I find it funny that technically this certification says that I can teach a variety of group fitness classes, yet Iíve no talent for any of the traditional classes like aerobics or step. I lack not only the coordination but the interest in these sorts of classes. Give me just my choreographed weight lifting (which I was already certified to teach by the company that produces that program) and Iím happy.

The test was quite expensive to write and thereís still a hefty rewrite fee if you need to take it again, yet it was almost like they were trying to ensure people didnít have a shot at passing. The room we used was a back room at one of the gyms, there was music thumping through the place, it was so chilly I had to write with my coat on, and the light shone dimly from bare bulbs that were obviously of a medium-to-low wattage. I intend to write a letter to CanFitPro because if anyone failed (and 80% was the pass mark) I think they should get another shot without paying the fee. If you pay almost a hundred bucks to write a test I would think that the least you should be able to expect is a well-lit, quiet, comfortable room to write it in.

The Ottawa Art Festival was absolutely fabulous. I bought a painting from an artist Iíve long admired, Debra Tate-Sears, and am seriously considering acquiring a piece from one of the newcomers to the festival, Valerie Butters. If you check the links, youíll see that they have very different styles; finely-rendered country scenes (of the sort that I grew up with in rural Ontario) in watercolour, vs. exuberant bursts and poofs of colour that fill enormous canvasses with acrylic flowers. Both of the artists did well and sold a lot of their work and I canít help but think thereís at least a small connection to the fact that both artists are very friendly people that obviously love what they do. Their passion comes through in their work and when you talk to them.

Other than that, food and festivities bookended the weekend. We got a chance to celebrate the birthday of a good friend on Friday and have dinner with the Outlaws on Sunday. J, for his part, was thrilled that the Sens won in double overtime Sunday night, tying the series 3-3. Iím not a huge fan of hockey but I am a huge fan of J, so Iím happy for him.

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