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2004-04-16 - 10:39 a.m.

This weekend Iím going to be sitting the written test for my CanFitPro certification. Itís been awhile since Iíve been in school so itís kind of funny to be studying for a test again, particularly when Iíve seen a lot of it before, but a long time ago (anatomy, glycolysis, etc.). Iím glad I have a background in biology though Ė I just got the manual this week so I donít have a lot of time to prepare. Itís my own fault because I did have the manual and then lost it, and I delayed getting a new one because I was convinced that I should be able to find the old one. Nothing cheeses me off like having to pay for something twice. A further delay happened when I couldnít reach the person selling the manuals, then when I did and we made arrangements to get one to me she forgot and took it home again with her. She felt so bad that she actually dropped it off to me on Wednesday night. The kicker came, though, when I realized after sheíd gone that sheíd accidentally given me a used one that was full of highlighting and notes. Iím not complaining though because it turns out that itís her book and since sheís the trainer, I have access to all her notes Ė Iím glad she didnít write any test questions in her book or my conscience would haunt me Ė until the test day when weíre going to switch and Iíll get a new book (which I probably wonít need by then as I should be done studying). Both the Ottawa Art Festival and a friendís birthday dinner are tonight so I wonít get a lot of studying done today but I should hit the books full force tomorrow.

J stepped up big time last night and blocked the entrance hole to the roof that the starlings I mentioned yesterday were using. I felt bad leaving him there alone hanging over the edge of the roof to fix it, but I had agreed to take someoneís class for her at the gym and he couldnít wait until I was back because it would have been dark. At least I think we got the buggers blocked out early as I didnít see them bringing nest material yet. I feel even worse for the fact that heís going to miss a pivotal game tonight. Heís foregoing his beloved Sens in the service of celebrating our friendís birthday. Of course, that friend is also a big fan but I suspect his girlfriend didnít really take the playoffs into account when she was formulating her plan.

Iím meeting with someone about my job hunt later today so wish me luck. I know this wasnít a particularly entertaining entry today if you donít know me and care about the details of my life, so for some more general tomfoolery you should probably check out Wednesdayís entry instead, if you havenít done so already. See ya Monday!


Hey, here's some excitement for the day: I got an email from a friend of my mine who was replying to an email that I'd sent last September asking about how her wedding went. This email of mine apparently got sidetracked to Mars and back, judging from the time lag...

Would you believe I just received this e-mail now?
The wedding was great (well, there were a few problems) the honeymoon was great and now Iím 6 Ĺ months pregnant!
I gave her a call to congratulate her and it turns out that she got pregnant on her honeymoon. It was planned but they had no idea it would "take" so fast!

So yet another friend pregnant! We're about the same age and we talked about our biological clocks, whether we'd want to know the sex ahead of time (we both would but she hasn't been able to find out yet because the baby's not cooperating with the positioning during the ultrasound), and if we have any gender preferences (we both agree that we'd like at least one girl). It was fun catching up and I'm sending out good karma to her. Go Heather!

Heather is, incidentally, one of the most beautiful and photogenic women I've ever met. This is going to be one beautiful baby.

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