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Let us take a stroll through my subconscious, shall we?

2004-04-07 - 9:44 a.m.

I had a very bizarre dream last night and, while the bits and pieces donít really fit together, I thought it might be interesting to share, (and perhaps a glimpse into my apparently troubled psyche). At the very least, I'll have something written down to jog my memory and youíll find out some of my friends names. It wonít help you stalk me though, because every friend that showed up lives pretty far away from me. Heh.

In no particular order, because I donít remember how all the fragments fit together:

My friend Devin won 10 or 11 thousand dollars at a high stakes blackjack table. I was visiting him and my friend Jo at the casino (I think they were planning on sleeping there as I seem to recall they were wearing pyjamas. And by the way, hi Jo! I know youíre reading this!) and ran into my friend Diane who was also coincidentally there from out of town.

There was an odd bit about Everyone Loves Raymond that didnít fit in with anything else Ė the cast was dressed up in these absolutely bizarre, colourful costumes and were being paraded on some interview-style TV program. They looked like theyíd been wrapped with bands of coloured cloth and there were all kinds of things sticking out so they kind of resembled enormous colourful koosh-balls (no, thatís not a dirty euphemism).

The city that I was bicycling through (and kept getting lost in) started to get swamped by giant tidal waves. Despite this, there were construction crews digging away at the beach and taking away the sand that was behind the giant dune that was holding the water back from destroying the whole place. I heard someone explain that the tsunami was divine retribution for the fact that the latest Survivor cast, who had been located on that beach, had starved to the point that they resorted to cannibalism.

When Devin went to retrieve the money from where heíd stashed it his seedy basement apartment it was completely empty and totally painted white. And I mean even the carpet was painted white. He managed to corner his landlord to told him heíd thought Devin had been killed in the flood and wasnít coming back so heíd sold his stuff to a pawn shop. The pawn brokerís business card/claim ticket had a black and white profile drawing of a person but only from about the nose upwards.

Then I woke up. I know there was lots more but of course itís all faded now. I did immediately write the name of the pawn broker down beside my bed Ďcause it was so odd, but I donít have it here. When I go home Iíll try to remember to look it up.

There you go. All you psych majors go to town. All I can figure from this is that I watch too much TV. I donít even watch or particularly like Everyone Loves Raymond, yet there they were in Carnivale costumes.

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