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Have I mentioned that coordination isn't my strong suit?

2004-03-24 - 9:31 a.m.

Well darn it, I sprained my baby finger on my right hand. Itís a good thing itís not the worst one to sprain if you have to type a lot, but Iím still probably going to cut down today if I can.

How did I sprain it? Funny thing that, especially since I donít think finger sprains are common running injuries.

You see, the bar that spans the front of the treadmill is inconveniently placed right where I like to swing my arms through. I essentially have three options as a result: bunch my arms up high like everyone else seems to do (not my favoured solution as I find that hampers breathing and arm movement so I generally strive for keeping the arms loose and low), run further back on the treadmill (which provokes a fear of falling off the end), or run right up against the bar (which is curved so itís not as uncomfortable as it sounds) and keep my hands in front of it. I generally go with the latter when Iím hitting a high pace and thatís what I was doing last night.

I was cruising along on the treadmill and had hit a new top speed for this season (6.7) and there were three minutes left in my Ĺ hour and I wasnít even tired. I was feeling downright triumphant as a matter of fact. And then it happened. Wham. I caught my finger on something. At first I was ticked off Ďcause it hurt Ė I had bent the nail and shmucked the joint. Stupid machine with itís stupidly-placed bar! Then I noticed the treadmill was slowing down. A lot. And the readings indicated that I was done. What? But I was about to reach my goal! I didnít want to stop just shy of it! I realized what had happened. I had smashed my baby finger on the emergency stop button, which is conveniently large and protruding; convenient, that is for people who have some true emergency and are just stabbing in the general vicinity, hoping to bring the treadmill to an immediate halt. Not so convenient for someone booting along who hits it accidentally, especially since thereís no way to start it up again without resetting the whole thing. And there were people waiting and my momentum was lost at that point, so I just wiped it down and got off. It was such a let down. The adrenaline from the way it ended made me feel even more like I could do more exercise and that Iíd been robbed.

So I joined the kickboxing class and got in a few songs before my husband was due to pick me up. Take that, stupid treadmill.

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