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That most Canadian of subjects.

2004-03-15 - 12:54 p.m.

I’ve always heard that Canadians talk about the weather more than the average person but really, what else has such an effect on us? And the fact that it’s so variable, and often miserable up here, means we always have something to say about it, so far be it from me to break with tradition.

March is always, to me, a heartbreaking month. It is the month where it starts to warm up just enough to give us Ottawa people a taste of spring, and then whomps us with snow when we think we’re in the clear. We forget that it’s still technically winter for most of the month; maybe we want to forget since we always have had enough by now. After a week of relatively balmy, above-freezing days, there was snow falling when I got out of the gym yesterday – and this I’d been noticing on my way there that there was the unmistakably spring-like smell of thawing dirt in the air. Today we’re expecting flurries and tonight it’s going down to 14 below freezing. Yuck. Still, I haven’t seen signs yet of the huge snow dump we usually see before the end of March. I recall many a year when I have said at the end of March that it was supposed to come in like a lion and leave like a lamb so where is my damn lamb-like weather already? Last year the winter stretched out to well over six months and I ended up shaking my fist at the flakes swirling from the heavens and yelling “Showers! Where are my APRIL SHOWERS, dammit!?!”.

The onset of large weather fluctuations also spells migraines in my household, since J and I are both human barometers. I woke up feeling the presence of a weather front moving through, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that J, marooned at work, had a full-blown migraine. In a way he’s my early warning system as he seems to be affected sooner by the leading edge of fronts, so I may be deteriorating myself by the end of the day. Poor fellow, it sucks to be naseous and trying to be friendly while dealing with customers, and not have anyone coming in to relieve you for the next shift until much later on in the afternoon. He’s also going to miss hockey tonight as a result (and I’ll likely have to skip my running) and the winter season will be ending at the end of this month, so he won’t have a lot more chances to play before summer hockey starts up.

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