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2004-03-11 - 1:28 p.m.

Before I forget, Iíd like to congratulate Jessamyn on the new arrival. Kathleen is beautiful (and Iím not one of these people that thinks that about every baby, so you know itís true).

Itís been awhile since Iíve written about whatís going on with the idea of having a baby sometime soon in our household. Itís not like itís dropped from our conversations and weíre still thinking this year will be the year to ditch the Pill and go for it, itís just that there always seems like a reason for it to be ďin a few monthsĒ as opposed to ďnow.Ē J has started his new business but Iím still in the same job and looking for something more settled. Also, with both the race and a big hike coming up in May and June respectively, Iím reluctant to stop taking the Pill before then. Being pregnant while putting huge demands on my body for training and racing doesnít seem like the best of ideas and also, I know this sounds completely selfish, but Iím so used to not having to deal with that monthly flow that the thought of potentially having to do so while wilderness camping with my father just has less than zero appeal. In fact, it kind of icks me out. I know that lots of women who donít take the Pill 24/7 go camping and just deal with it if it coincides with menstruation, but itís something Iíll avoid if I can. The fact that Iíll be with my Dad just somehow makes a difference in my mind; he may intellectually know that Iím a woman, but in his mind Iím still his little girl, and Iíd rather not cause any rude awakenings by waving red flags in his face, if ya know what I mean.

Speaking of the race...

10K training progress: Well, none. I taught two classes at the gym yesterday so I didnít get any running in. Iíll be doing some tonight though.

Itís funny though, Iíve been feeling thinner the last week or so. My clothes seem to fit just a little bit better but, according to the scale, I havenít actually lost any weight. Maybe Iím just getting used to my current size? I kind of hope not because it would lessen my motivation to get down to what I still think of as my ďnormalĒ weight, even though I havenít actually been that weight in a couple of years. At the very least I want my BMI to proclaim that Iím an average healthy weight for my height and right now itís reluctant to do that.

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