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Red-handed, that's how I want to catch these guys.

2004-03-03 - 11:41 a.m.

My husbandís first week at his new business has been good for the most part. There are apparently a lot of very pleasant customers that come in. Unfortunately, there have been a few bad apples.

Thereís a business across the way and their employees had gotten used to a small discount on coffee the former owner gave them. J doesnít know these guys from Adam and the fellow he took over from had mentioned that dealing with those guys wasnít worth offering them the discount and heíd regretted ever giving it to them, so J just said no, he wasnít offering them the same deal.

So they slashed his tire last night.

I am outraged. How dare they? How dare they judge Jís character, - his fine, upstanding, hardworking and decent character - and find him lacking because he wonít give them 35 cents off their coffee? How could they possibly think itís right that they damage his property in retaliation? They may not care that heís starting a business and money is tight and maybe they havenít had a chance to find out what a great guy he is, but thatís no excuse for vandalism. I know that thereís no way to prove anything Ė J knows one of them spent a bit of time at the side of the building where his car was but thatís not proof you can present to the cops Ė but I sure want to think of ways to make sure it doesnít happen again.

If anyone knows how to catch tire-slashers, I want to hear it. If anyoneís friends have successfully dealt with fuckers like this, email me and tell me. I donít want to escalate the situation with revenge, I just want to catch them if they do it, or anything similar, again. Is there a powder or something we could dust on the tires that would stain their hands? Ideas people, I need ideas.

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