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2004-02-27 - 4:05 p.m.

So the musings at dinner last night (at a truly fabulously good Indian restaurant) only really resulted in a wait-and-see decision. My motherís boyfriend may not be leaving if he canít get the papers he needs and, for now, paying his brother so that he can look after their mother is the only immediate, definite plan.

If he does leave however, while my mom isnít sure whether sheíll want to move or stay where she is, she does think he wonít be back. Her boyfriendís family has certain expectations of him as the eldest son and that includes settling down, marrying and having children with someone ďover thereĒ. Once heís actually there my mom doesnít think itíll be easy for him to resist the pressure and leave for Canada again. I wonít go into the details but despite the fact that theyíve been together for 15 years, my mother wouldnít be accepted by her boyfriendís family and they donít, as far as I know, even know about her. My opinion on this is moot so Iíll stop there on the topic.

Even if he does leave, I think my mother will see how she copes with the place on her own and if it works out, great. If she decides she wants to move into town or at least closer to town, hey, great too. There are lots of advantages in both scenarios. Her house is beautiful and peaceful and already customized to her tastes; she had the rough building stuff done but finished the interior herself. She loves living in the country and is an avid gardener. She also sees that it might be fun to live where she can walk places again, be closer to J and I if she needs us for anything and not have to commute 45 minutes to work. The main hurdle of course would be the move itself would suck. My mom has a LOT of stuff. And Iíve added to that over the years because, hey, where else do you put your stuff when youíre away at school and moving every four or eight months.

In other news, Iím helping out at the opening of the newest branch of the gym I work for for a couple of hours this weekend. J is gearing up to take over ownership of his new business on Monday. Iím in the throes of organizing a baby shower for my sister in-law and the invitations went out yesterday. And weíre going out with friends on Saturday to celebrate a couple of their birthdays. Not exactly riveting but such are the minutiae of life.

Oh, and I am starting to contemplate whether to go to Journalcon this year (and if youíre my husband and this is news to you, hi honey! Do you think youíd mind if I blew town for a weekend near the end of August? I could use my airline points...).

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