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2004-02-25 - 10:41 a.m.

My hubby is gone for only one more night and thank goodness for that. In addition to the fact that I miss his presence around the house in the evening and sleeping next to me at night, the place seems to be falling apart without him. For instance, the funky programmable thermostat he installed chose last night to flash “FILTER” over and over at me again. Now I know that J replaced the darn filter a couple of times already this winter but, just in case the thermostat knew something I didn’t, I checked it. It seemed fine and not at all dusty (though for all I know, it’s flashing the message that there is no filter because it isn’t trapping anything). I don’t know if this is on a timer or if it actually senses something that indicates that the filter needs changing but I checked both the pamphlet that came with the thermostat and the manufacturer’s website and it didn’t mention that this product has the ability to even flash “FILTER” at me. The furnace seems to still be working though so it’ll keep flashing its mysterious message until J gets home tomorrow and maybe can figure it out.

On top of this, the just-over-a-year-old dishwasher has found a new game to play called “Will I or won’t I slide out of the counter? You be the judge.” It seems to no longer be anchored into place and when the racks are laden down with dishes and extended even halfway out, the whole thing tilts forward on an angle. I’m pretty sure that a “built in” dishwasher shouldn’t be so mobile. Investigating and fixing will probably involve finding the original paper that came with it as a first step. And since J is the one that put that paper somewhere…

Now I consider myself a pretty independent woman. Certainly if I lived alone I’d be the one that would have to investigate these things. I’d also be the one who knew where the installation guides and warranties went and would have been the one to choose and install the thermostat in the first place. Maybe it doesn’t say good things about my feminist leanings (or apparent lack thereof) to wait for my husband to come home and look into these sorts of things. To this I say, too darn bad. Yes we split many of the household chores along traditional gender lines but that is, certainly to some extent, coincidence. The stuff we like to do and hate to do sometimes falls into that pattern. I like to cook but hate to do dishes or put out the garbage. I don’t mind cleaning the tub and shower (and am more bothered when they start to look unclean), but get a bit squeamish at cleaning the toilet. J likes to be master of the yard (even though I actually like mowing and would do it without protest) and likes to spare me a lot of heavy lifting, so he usually mows and does more of the shoveling. He’s more into things involving tools and has a diploma in fixing cars, so he usually does that sort of thing. The important thing is that the household stays relatively clean, well-maintained, and smooth-running and there is no seething with resentment over anything.

But man, I am looking forward to him coming home. I’ve gotten used to our dynamic and it really shows when it’s not there for a couple of weeks. Plus I miss him like crazy.

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