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Two years / six months.

2004-02-16 - 9:13 a.m.

Two years ago I was unaware that I had just met the man I would marry. I’ve mentioned before that we met in a bar and that J claims he noticed me as soon as he walked in, that I smiled at him. I do remember noticing him notice me. Throughout the evening I’d see him looking over at me and I’d smile encouragingly. I was standing near the bar when I could actually see the moment that he decided to come over and talk to me. The decision and determination was written all over his face. His opening line was a to-the-point “Hi, I’m J----.” We talked for awhile and then his roommate wasn’t feeling so hot and wanted to leave. J looked reluctant but said he had to go. I waited expectantly.

I was single, ok looking, and in pretty good shape and, above all, I seemed friendly and was there dancing on my own so I was fairly approachable. What I was used to was men, if they’d seemed interested, asking for my phone number. He opened his mouth and asked “Do you come here a lot? I mean, do you think you’re going to be here next weekend?” I was taken a little off-guard; he wasn’t following the script. And the truth is, I’m not sure I would have given him my phone number; I used to meet a lot of guys (I wasn’t the sort that multiple men would swarm around but on any given evening appealed to maybe one or two guys) and didn’t like giving out my phone number to near-strangers. My modus operandi was to offer to take theirs: sometimes I called them; sometimes, I have to admit, I was a female equivalent of “That Guy” and just didn’t call. But I digress…

I was at that bar every weekend and told J so.

The next Friday I was there and we ran into each other fairly early. Again we talked until his friends wanted to leave. This time I teased him and was the one to say, “So, are you gonna be here next week?” He looked at me earnestly. “Oh… well… um… do you want me to be here next week?” (Right from the beginning, he was SO cute!)

So I took the bull by the horns and declared with a grin, “Y’know, this would be a lot easier if I just gave you my phone number.” “Right!” A look of purpose flooded his face and he went to hunt down a pen and paper. (To this day he swears he was going to ask for it and was just building up the nerve when I beat him to it.)

I didn’t hear from him the next night but he called on Sunday and we talked for hours and made plans right then for both our first and second dates.

Just over six months ago, in front of friends and family, we exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Happy two-year and demi-anniversary sweetheart. Nabbing you when I had the chance was smartest thing I ever did.

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