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More on sleeping.

2004-02-10 - 12:55 p.m.

At least once a day I think, Ďhey, thatíd be a good thing to write about in my journalí, and at least once a week I actually remember the topic while Iím sitting in front of my computer. Youíll note that this isnít a great ratio. Hence the preponderance of mundane: this is what I did; this is what Iím doing; this is what I plan to do entries. This time I remembered.

Last night my husband and I were in bed. Weíd said goodnight, done our cuddle-Ďtil-J-gets-too-sweaty-to-want-to-be-pressed-together (I believe Iíve mentioned Iím a "hot" sleeper), and settled back to sleep. We must have been lying there, maybe 10 minutes, drifting off when I suddenly raised my head, looked down at the two of us, looked at J, and giggled. He looked at me like I was nuts.

"Donít you think itís funny, how weíre lying?" I asked. He didnít answer with anything other than an eye roll, but it was. Funny that is, though partly funny-peculiar and partly funny-ha-ha. Because the fact was, we were both lying stretched full on our backs, our arms furthest from each other at our sides, and the arms on the inside reaching out slightly to hold hands. Itís like we were posed that way by a set designer, maybe laid out on a slab like young lovers that died in a Shakespeare play. This surely canít be a natural sleeping position? Yet, that is how I lie at first, composing myself for sleep, almost every time I go to bed: full out on my back, sometimes with my hands resting on my upper abs. I almost invariably roll over onto my side or stomach just before I actually fall asleep. The times I donít though, Iím told that itís pretty creepy to see.

My sister used to wake me up before high school in the mornings and more than once she found me sleeping in my corpse pose. The piŤce-de-rťsistance? The fact that I occasionally slept with my eyes open and when that coincided with the corpse pose... well, sheíd peer at me thinking Ďis she dead?í.

Speaking of sleeping positions, thereís one other thing Iíve noticed over the years: when I sleep with my arm up over my head on the pillow, either I have more dreams or the ones I do have are more vivid and thus I remember them better. Itís kind of a chicken-and-egg thing in the sense that I donít know if I happen to feel like putting my arms up when Iím already in a state predisposed to dreaming, or if putting them up actually triggers the effect on my dreams. Still, Iíve never heard anyone else make this observation so I donít know if itís just me.

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