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What a cute little... um... skeleton?

2004-01-27 - 9:17 a.m.

I think Iíve mentioned that Iím going to be an aunt? My sister inlaw is now about Ĺ way through her pregnancy and I just got an email with the first ultrasound pictures of my niece or nephew-to-be.

I have to admit I was a little startled. All ultrasound pictures Iíd seen in the past had showed the foetus from the side, curled like a small, balloon-headed sea creature. I suppose I hadnít really been up on the refinements in ultrasound techniques. They can focus on very specific areas and depths of the womb now, apparently. The first set showed the feet. Awww. Little tiny feet with little tiny toes! How cuuuute. The next set though, well, the next set showed a full-on face view of the babyís head complete with little skeleton arms, one curled coyly against the neck and the other waving a mini wave beside the enormous skull. Or perhaps she/he was scratching an ear, or maybe playing charades in an attempt to communicate with the outside world and only getting as far as the "sounds like" movement before the technician moved on, the rest of the message getting lost forever. I donít know how developing babies amuse themselves floating around in the dark for so long. But I digress...

The babyís eye sockets seem HUGE for the head and gape cavernously, bracketing the little nares (nose holes). The head seriously reminds me of the skull and skeleton decorations Iíve seen for Dia de los Muertos. I wanted to say "Oh sweet, look at da widdle baby!" but instead was slightly unsettled at the ghostly image and thought "Skeleton! Waving at me!"

Of course I emailed back to my sister inlaw saying how awesome the pics are and they are definitely interesting, but of course I left the part out about the vague creeped-out-ness they inspired. Iím sure the baby will be very cute once itís born and I see it with flesh on it and everything.

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