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Too many great people, too little time.

2004-01-26 - 11:19 a.m.

Yesterday I went to brunch with a couple that Iíve known for quite awhile. In a way I would call them friends Ė particularly the fellow. I attended full-time French training every day with him for over half a year and when you spend all day trying to come up with stuff to talk about in the language youíre trying to acquire, you end up sharing a lot of personal history with the class and everyone gets to know each other pretty well. He and his girlfriend recently became engaged and are planning an outdoor wedding this summer. Since J and I had an outdoor wedding in August, and had a lot of tips to share on what worked for us and what didnít, this provided a great excuse to get together. Perhaps Iíll post some of that here another time. What Iím currently musing on is why I say ďin a way I would call them friends.Ē

I really like these people. They are both extremely nice, intelligent, interesting, articulate, and about Jís and my age. I would really like to be able to unhesitatingly call them friends. And they like us. We have a good time when we get together. They are not the only couple I can think of of whom Iíd say this either. Great, dynamic and fun to talk to; these are qualities of a few people/couples to whose label of ďfriendsĒ I would have to add a qualifier.

Hereís the thing though, since meeting J almost two years ago, this is the first time we have deliberately gotten together with this couple. In fact, I think that J had only met the woman when weíd run into her at an Art In the Park last summer and he hadnít even met the guy before.

I guess this is my point and there is no ready solution:

It just seems a shame that there isnít really enough time or opportunity in life to spend with people, who you know you like and get along with well, to really get to know them and become solid friends with them.

Everyone has friends who need a bit more than others; interaction with them may drain you a bit, but itís worth it to you because you value them for whatever reason. But there are others who just seem to give you a bit of a boost and coming away from seeing them, you feel a bit happier and a bit more energized and just plain happy to have such cool people to laugh with around. As Iíve said before, I am very fortunate in my friends and almost always have been. I also have to say that as Iíve gotten older, the proportion of friends who are of the former type has shrunk and the proportion of the latter has grown. Unfortunately, I think that, with the addition of Jís group to spend time with, I have reached a critical mass in that I just donít have a lot of time to make new friends without seeing too little of the great ones Iíve already got.

Too many great people, too little time. And if that is something Iím actually complaining about these days, I consider myself a lucky woman indeed. Take heart about-to-be-30-somethings, itís not so bad being done with the turbulent days of my 20s. If Iíd kept a journal back then it would have been positively filled with pathos.


Oh yeah, welcome to the new design! I hope people like it but no matter what, it's got to be a step up from the template I had been using. So much more personal, dontcha think?

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