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My first Google hit!

2004-01-21 - 12:04 p.m.

How exciting! What were the search terms you ask? Drumroll pleaseÖ



And then, just when I was finished reeling from the unexpectedness of it all, I got another!


Who knew that thereíd be two people in as many days looking for information on getting shocked by treadmills? I wonder if they found my entry at all edifying?

Itís funny, but Iíve seen entries posted by other people that list search terms that resulted in hits on their websites. They are often strange and bizarre combinations. Mine, in contrast, seem yawningly mundane. Maybe Iíll have to spice up my writing a bit. Although, my last entry did have the word ďassĒ in it. I was walking on the edge there baybee! Wild, I am. WILD. Rrrrawrh!

Speaking of wild (OK, not really but I needed a segue), Iím participating in a new music release at the gym tonight and the pressureís on. Iím only teaching the first three tracks though and I think Iíve got them pretty down at this point. Should be fun.

In other, cryptic news, my husband may have gotten the word that a good and much-anticipated thing will most likely come to pass this Friday. Iím not allowed to divulge details; loose lips sink ships and all that. Iíll fill you in when I can.

In case anyone was wondering after reading the last piece, yes, I thought the laser eye surgery was worth every penny. I spent a week in Florida, backpacked for a month in Europe and hiked the Chilkoot trail in Alaska that year (I have the accounts of the latter two trips online so email if you want a link and put the word ďjournalĒ in the subject so it gets past the filters) and through it all didnít have to worry about breaking or losing my glasses. Five years later I still have better than 20/20 vision, but if I had to go back to wearing glasses tomorrow, I would still consider it to have been worth it.

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