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2004-01-13 - 9:55 a.m.

I know it’s an overly Canadian thing to do to talk endlessly about the weather so I’ll only mention that Canada? Is. Cold. We just finished a week of below –20 degrees Celsius that made the last two days of –12 seem positively balmy and tonight we’re back into the deep freeze at –31. ‘Nuf said.

You know what I find odd? A couple of months ago some signs went up in the stalls in the washroom here asking women to discard their "sanitary products" in the receptacles provided for that purpose and not into the toilet bowls. The fact that these signs were printed as a makeshift solution to a problem is obvious – they’re typed up in Word and printed on plain paper, from an office printer. Now what I don’t understand is, why were they necessary? Are there a lot of women who do not know that sanitary products shouldn’t be flushed? That a pad might possibly clog the plumbing? This is an office building with controlled access and presumably that means that all the regular users of the washroom are grown women.

Am I missing something? It seems to me that by the time women reach adulthood they would know the bathroom basics – wipe front to back, preferred options for using public toilets (hovering, covering the seat with tissue, wiping the seat and then just plunking on down), and how to use and dispose of their chosen method of dealing with menstruation. Are these signs insulting? Or indicative of the fact that my assumption is wrong?

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