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A look back at 2003.

2003-12-31 - 10:13 a.m.

So, since itís New Years Eve, I feel as though I should be doing some big philosophical summary of the year but the truth is that, other than a few large items, I donít have a lot to recap this year. The single event which dominated my 2003 was, of course, my wedding to J in August. I am now an ďold married womanĒ and can positively feel myself becoming matronly. You can check back to some of my first entries for fairly detailed accounts of the wedding (great food, great friends, good times, the best husband a woman could wish forÖ) and the honeymoon (though not too detailed!) already so I wonít go into more gushing details about how wonderful they were, Iím sure Iíve conveyed that pretty well.

One side note now that weíve been through a Christmas and weíre receiving cards from people who donít read my journal or get my email, and therefore donít know that Iíve both kept my name and go by Ms., weíve been receiving a lot of cards with Mr. and Mrs. and just my husbandís last name, both our first names and Jís last name, and, worst of all, Mr. and Mrs. J. with the hubbyís last name. Thereís not one thing in that last case that indicates itís at all for me as far as Iím concerned. Iím not a Mrs., my initialís not J, nor am did I take my husbandís last name. Thereís nothing wrong with the name but itís not mine and it does irk me a bit that people make assumptions and donít bother to find out what my name actually is. Itís not uncommon anymore for women to keep their last names and the first clue people receive is the thank you card from the wedding Ė in our case, with the return address clearly containing both of our last names, which all of the offenders received. Donít think Iím mortally offended; itís more of a mild irritant, and I am much less prone to that irritation when we get cards from much older relatives that call me Mrs. or use just my husbandís last name.

J has taken to opening cards addressed like the ones above before I come home and putting the envelopes in the recycling. One night I had my revenge though when a card arrived for Shawna and J with just my last name. Yesss! He suddenly empathized a lot more with my point of view Iíll tell you, even though it was mitigated with a ď(tee hee)Ē after the names. But I digressÖ

Only overshadowed by the wedding was the fact that I sold the other unit in my mini housing development (the second day in to a trip to the west coast Ė that trip was certainly less relaxing than weíd been anticipating). So we now live in the one unit I built and have neighbours in the other. They seem nice, and their Bichon Havanese (the cutest dog Iíve ever seen) makes me glad I soundproofed the wall between us well.

Other things this year, well, I finished up my ultra-cool job at the last place and started my current one. This one isnít as cool (really, how could it be when compared to saving habitat for endangered species, having the coolest, most fun manager and coworkers, rubbing elbows with some of the most prominent land appraisers in the country, jetting around the country and attending conferences full of impassioned environmentalists?), but itís definitely a worthwhile glimpse into the workings of the government and Iíll be a better manager for having done it.

I suppose thatís it for 2003. I think 2002 had the edge in being the watershed year in my life since I both met J at the beginning and got engaged to him by the end, did a whole whack of interesting stuff for my job that I started mid-year and watched the demolition of the old house I bought and went through all the stages from breaking ground for the construction of my semi-detached, to moving in, and with J(!), in the fall. Still, 2003 was very good to me and I expect that next year my life will continue to progress apace.

Happy New Year! Bring on 2004!

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