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Maybe he meant Cornish pasties.

2003-12-30 - 3:11 p.m.

Tonight is the last Tuesday night I work at the gym in the east end, at least for this schedule. They put me back on Wednesday nights at 7:30 at my old club in the west end. I have mixed feelings about this. My old slot was 7:00 on Wednesdays which coincided exactly with the time slot of the yoga class I like to take at my home gym. (Let me give some background here: I work part-time as a fitness instructor for a gym chain and there are seven of them in my city. Thereís one downtown that Iíve worked out at regularly since fall of í98 and others scattered more around the periphery of the city, which are the ones Iím usually assigned to teach at. I give my availability and location preferences and they figure out where and when to put me.) This kind of sucks because, except for that last pre-Christmas schedule, Iíve been taking that yoga class since it started in December of í99. When I came back after missing those three months, both I and my instructor noticed that Iíd backslid in my progress. Now that Iím about to miss another three months I think Iíll have to find another class on another night to take. Itís too bad because I really like that instructor. On the plus side, I really like the women who took my Wednesday classes and I built up the number of ďregularsĒ while I was there so Iím kind of looking forward to teaching it again. And hey, cheap Tuesday movie night is once again free on my schedule.

I know, how boring was that for people who donít know me? So hereís something for everyone:

I just had an email conversation with my friend Rob whoís coming out for New Yearís Eve tomorrow and we were discussing what to bring to the party. He said that if he had to meet us at our place first he couldnít bring the food he had in mind and when I offered to let him assemble stuff at our place he said he couldnít because,

Rob - There are some tools required...

Shawna - What the heck kind of tools?

Rob - Similar to a pasties bag...

Shawna (with a mental images of food topped with those twirly stick-on-booby things) - Pasties? You mean the kind that strippers wear? They come in bags? Youíre giving me an odd mental image of what you consider appropriate snack food...

Rob - Uhhh... I think I mean pastry bag.


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