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And so it begins.

2003-12-01 - 12:36 p.m.

Today I realized itís December 1st. Twenty-four days before Christmas. Two dozen. Thatís just over three weeks. Eeep!

My sister and I donít exchange gifts and I have 3 presents I bought for people last summer, plus my husband announced that I had bought him a fancy socket set for Christmas. Apparently it was a one-day sale and it was something like 70% off and there was no time to tell me about it and have me go and get it for him so he got it for himself on my behalf. I appreciate the thought, and I do approve of practical gifts, but it seems a bit anticlimactic if he already knows what heís getting and I didnít get to surprise him for our first Christmas as a married couple.

For immediate family, this still leaves one brother, my stepmother, and my grandmother to buy for. As well I have a number of small things to get for non-immediate family, group gift exchanges, hostess gifts for parties over the holidays, etc. J and I are hopefully going to Toronto this weekend where we may be able to sneak in some Christmas shopping between seeing the people we owe visits to. As well, we should be able to get a tree within the next week and I may even pull out some of the frou-frou stuff to decorate I received as gifts last Christmas. Itís not really my style but I feel guilty at letting it just sit in the boxes.

Iíve foolishly volunteered to be on the Food Committee for my office Christmas party; the group is evenly split between those that want something exotic that they couldnít make at home and those whose feet are firmly rooted on the ďcomfort foodĒ side, and Iíve got less than two weeks to get it straightened out. Iím sure I wonít please everyone.

Other than that, our lights are up and my Christmas cards are sent. I do believe Iíve gotten an early toe-hold on the preparations this year.

The one main thorn in my side is my sister who refuses to commit to a schedule for Christmas visits with the parents ďtoo earlyĒ, despite the fact that both my fatherís and motherís households, plus my Outlaws are waiting for the final word. If she drove I wouldnít really have to worry about it but she doesnít so it usually falls to me to coordinate getting her around. I will refrain from going into a rant about it at the moment, but stay tuned if time advances much further with radio silence from her, not even another round of snotty words about it.


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