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2003-11-03 - 3:17 p.m.

I confess, I watch Survivor. I used to have a roommate who was an old and dear friend of mine and we enjoyed each otherís company but we had almost no common interests to socialize around. Enter Survivor. Almost every Thursday we made a point of watching Survivor and eating dinner together. This was back in the days of Survivor Australia and weíve kept it up ever since. We donít live together anymore but we do get together every second or third week to watch it. I donít get Global at my place so itís usually a case of me getting out to her neighbourhood and we go for food ahead of time, or eat at her place, and then I linger for CSI (her partnerís favourite show) before heading home. Itís a great routine and gives us an excuse to stay in close touch; as well, itís a good show for this sort of thing because it provides the basis for a lot of yelling at the TV and chit chat during commercials or slow periods. This past Thursday I couldnít watch it so I had a friend tape it and was made to promise that Iíd call the ex-roommate as soon as Iíd had a chance to watch it. That turned out to be last night and I thought it was one of the best episodes Iíd seen.

Iíve clearly been reading too many on Miss Alliís Survivor recaps on Television Without Pity (my favourite quote from the recaplet this week was ďJeff Probst just about takes Osten's teeth out with the brass knuckles of his contemptĒ), because when Jeff Probst skipped the voting in Tribal Council and told Osten (who had just willingly quit the game) to ďGo homeĒ, I was all ďYeah! Oh he is SO my new boyfriend for that!Ē This elicited a look of semi-horror from my husband who is not as hip with the online lingo as I pretend to be. And when I checked the TWoP forums, what did Miss Alli have in her post? ďOh, and also? Jeff Probst is still my boyfriend.Ē Scary.

As an aside, I have certainly noticed a proliferation of sayings I only find online in the last couple of years. I have yet to hear one of the many variations of ďblah, blah, fishcakesĒ said out loud but when I do, I know Iíll have found a kindred spirit. I canít claim to know where that saying started but I seem to recall first seeing it on Hissyfit so perhaps itís Wing Chunís baby.

At any rate, yes, Survivor is probably not great TV and I feel compelled to defend my viewing of it from time to time, but itís a guilty pleasure and this season is definitely more entertaining than some Iíve seen. So nyah.

P.S. If anyone has sent me mail, I haven't gotten it. I deleted all my junk mail from the folder and forgot to check the second page first so now it's gone. Sorry. I'm not ignoring anyone on purpose and if I ever do get mail I will try to reply. Really.

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