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All Hallow’s Eve

2003-10-31 - 10:23 a.m.

This year marks the beginning of a new era, a fresh start, the dawn of a new phase in my life. Yes, this will be the first year I stay home in the new house and hand out candy.

At the moment, I can think of four stages to Halloween:

1) go get candy (candy, candy, candy);

2) screw candy and go party with your friends;

3) hand out candy (this contains the subset of one spouse handing out candy while the other takes your own tots out in their adorable costumes to loot the neighbours’ candy supply, or if there’s one parent, perhaps splitting the evening between making the rounds and handing it out);

4) turn the porch light out and hide from trick-or-treaters by watching a movie in the basement while scarfing candy you bought on sale at the last minute (I’ve seen this and it ain’t pretty).

Notice this corresponds nicely with the stages of childhood, the extended adolescence that is the norm in our society, adulthood, and the “bah phooey, I’m not going to bother” age. The last stage can really strike at any age – some people may be like this in their 20s if they don’t have a party to go to, some people may physically age but remain doting candy distributors for the long haul.

I am positive that my teetering on the cusp of stage 3 is due to my ultra-adorable husband, who bought the candy and carved the jack o’lantern which now grins merrily from our porch. Left to me, I’d have good intentions of doing these things but never actually follow through. If you’ve read the older updates, you probably already have a hint of how into Christmas he gets. I didn’t know he also did the Halloween thing with such verve because last year we had just moved into the house and it was still too chaotic to even think about pumpkins or decorating or candy. I love, love, love the fact that he is such a roll-up the sleeves and get things done, no matter how nasty they are, kind of man, but he still gets such a kick out of special occasions.

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