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Update (pre-Diaryland) Those ainít just sleighbells you hear aíringing

2002-12-20 - 3:19 p.m.

Well, itís the end of the year already and what a full year itís been! To recap the salient points which Iíve covered in past updates:

1. The house.

I finally got the permits to physically start the project and I knocked the little grey dollhouse down and built my new home x2. There were permit, funding, construction and neighbour trials. There were permit, funding, construction and neighbour tribulations. No, the second half isnít sold yet. Iíve ordered the kitchen so itís almost finished and I remain optimistic that that will increase the ďWowĒ factor enough to sell the darn thing. The second weekend of October we moved in to my side. Yay! Just in time forÖ

2. My birthday.

I turned 30! The big three-oh!

3. My quest to get paid for staying fit.

I did the certification process and am now a certified fitness instructor. Iím still shaking my head over this one when I reflect back on my dismal history of athletics in my younger days. I also canít quite believe Iím getting money to teach a class Iíve been paying to take for so long.

4. My job.

I am still enjoying it here. The people are so great and the work so demanding that it keeps me enjoying the hopping pace around here.

5. J and my no-longer-existent single-person status.

Which leads me toÖ

Ö Ok, maybe youíve all noticed that I have a penchant for leaving what I estimate to be the biggest news Ďtil the end. To anyone that Iíve managed to contact/see in order to revel in their immediate reactions this isnít news, but for the rest, here it isÖ


Yup. Rub your eyes and read it again and itíll still be there.

J proposed, I said yes, and the date is set for next summer. I will try not to be one of those women that goes on ad nauseum about wedding plans between now and then but right now I think Iíve got licence to at least gush a little bit.

One of the questions I get asked by people who have never met him is, ďwhatís he like?Ē Iím a bit at a loss as to how to answer this spontaneously (the first time someone asked me I think I said ďWell, Iím marrying him so obviously as far as Iím concerned heís really just about perfect.Ē) but Iíve been giving it a bit of thought. Since many people getting this email are far away and not likely to meet him soon or often, hereís some of what goes through my head as a response:

In terms of physical description, heís about 5í9Ē, with short, dark brown hair and an adorable dimple in the middle of his jaw. Heís one of those lucky ones that if he doesnít watch what he eats heíd actually lose weight (unlike me with my propensity to gain, thus the exercise regime). In fact, Iíve been fattening him up since we met and the 10-15 pounds heís filled out suit him very well.

Really though, the description of what he looks like doesnít really start to encompass why I am marrying this man.

Heís perfect because:

Heís thoughtful and kind. In his old house he caught mice in humane traps and went out of his way to release them in a field blocks and blocks away. When one of his employees got suckered by a counterfeit $100 bill that would have come out of her own pocket he asked people to chip in and so the loss was spread to spread to a minimal, manageable amount for all.

Heís confident and secure in himself.

Heís a doer as opposed to just a talker. If he says heíll do something, he does it, and without fuss or fanfare.

Heís responsible. He always makes an effort to go to work when heís sick. He pays bills on time.

His family is important to him.

So are his friends.

Heís good in emergencies. When a car crashed into our snowbank at the end of our driveway he was the first on the scene, helping out.

Heís very observant. He noticed, in the same scenario, that the licence plate on the car was from Quebec and tried talking to the driver in French.

Heís good with his hands. He can fix cars and hang curtains and refinish furniture. How cool is that?

Heís patient and laid back. In many ways heís the epitome of still waters running deep.

Heís perfect for me because:

He plays guitar and makes an effort to learn songs I can sing to.

He likes my cooking and I like to cook. He doesnít mind cleaning up and I hate doing dishes. Heíll take out the trash and vacuum without being asked while Iím cleaning the bathroom.

Heís a man, not a boy. Living with him doesnít make me feel Iím in a Tim Allen-esque world where the woman is the smart half of the couple and has to nag and mother the man, who is really just an overgrown, not-so-bright child, to get him to pry himself away from the TV, only to make the most minimal effort he can get away with.

That being said, heís not stuffy and he takes pleasure in things like Christmas. He wanted the biggest, fattest Christmas tree we could find. He actually owned Christmas wrapping paper and tape and he sends Christmas cards.

Heís generous but isnít a frivolous spender either. Either extreme would drive me nuts.

He joined my gym. Having someone who makes an effort to get into shape is great. Having someone who actually joins my gym and even goes to yoga classes with me is almost too good to be true. In the past, time at the gym has been seen as taking time away from potential relationships and Iíve had to choose between the two priorities. Now I get to do both at once.

He plays hockey. I donít know why I like that, I just do.

He used to be kind of alternative Ė he was a skater and wore Docs. Again, I just think this is cool.

He likes to dance. We actually met at my favourite bar.

Like me, he doesnít really drink but doesnít see anything wrong with it in theory.

We both get migraines.

Weíre both grouchy when weíre tired.

Heís willing to try new things. A good example of this is food Ė heís tried more varieties of food since he met me than in all the years previously. Heís even liked a lot of it (well, maybe not the squid or the unsweetened cranberry juiceÖ). Including the stuff that Iíve cooked for him. Did I mention he likes my cooking? J It is really rewarding to give him food he likes because his appreciation is just written across his faceÖ

He adores me. And, in case it hasnít come across yet, itís mutual. Heís wonderful and I think weíre very lucky to have met each other.

I could go on but I think thatís a lot of reading for people for now so Iíll stop there. Besides, thereís only so much sweetness one can read before gagging right?

I hope 2002 has been good to everyone and that this letter finds you all healthy and happy and ready for much-deserved holidays.

Seasonís Greetings.



P.S. In case the reference in the subject line was too obscure, yes, I was referring to wedding bells.

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