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Update (pre-Diaryland) Settle in with a cup of tea, I have lots to impart

2002-09-27 - 3:17 p.m.

As you can tell from the subject, I havenít moved yet. All those people that nodded their heads when I said the house was due to be finished at the end of August and sagely replied ďSo when do you think it will actually be done?Ē have been proven right. It was apparently too much to hope for that a housing project would be finished on time in a city suffering from a trades shortage. My roommate is taking it with good grace. Exceptionally good when you consider that itís meant moving Jís stuff into the garage of the house and cramming him into our already cramped living quarters. The condo may be large and airy for one, even two people but itís the two peopleís stuff that has made the place seem smaller.

I thought Iíd better get in an update now because October is shaping up to be one of the busiest ever and if you know how busy Iíve been known to keep myself, thatís saying something.

The move, of course, will be a big thing. A lot of stuff is already there but moving the rest then unpacking and settling in will take a bit of time. The lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures are almost all in and a lot of the final touches are being put on things before the final inspections are done next week and the occupancy permit is issued. Anyone whoís in the area and is curious about the other side can drop by during the open house thatís going on this weekend but, unfortunately I canít be there to show my half at the same time. Of course, Iíd be happy to let anyone in to see the other half when they come to see my place until itís sold Ė I love showing it off. Iíve had a couple of verbal offers so far but they were both a bit shy of my minimum price so weíll have to see how this weekend goes. With the paint on it looks amazing and once the floors are done (which will happen next week) and the plumbing and light fixtures installed it will be ready for anyone that wants to move in as soon as they pick their kitchen.

Both J and I are having birthdays in the next couple of weeks. Heís turning 27 (on the same day as two of my closest friends have their birthdays) on the 3rd of Oct. and I am facing the big 3-0h! Eeek! Iíd always sort of pictured a big celebration for that particular milestone but it doesnít look like Iíll have enough time to really worry about it. Celebrating birthdays has not, historically, gone well for me (maybe I try too hard?) so maybe itís just as well I donít have time to try for any big plans this year other than Thanksgiving dinner with my family the following weekend. That having been said, feel free send a greeting or thought my way or to fuss over me as much as you want on the 9th. Iím a sucker for attention, particularly on my birthday. Actually, Iíll be teaching at the gym and doing my yoga class immediately afterwards that evening. This wildness will culminate in a shower and some food when I get home close to 9pm. Will the madness never end?

Speaking of the gym, I have been teaching my weightlifting course for the last little while and all thatís currently standing between me and my final certification is having to shoot and submit my video for critiquing. Iíll have to find time to get this done before Thanksgiving because...

I am going to be travelling on business for the second half of October.

The day after Thanksgiving Iím off to St. Johnís, Newfoundland for a week, and a couple of days after I come back Iím off to Austin, Texas for six days. How cool is that? I wonít put the details in this letter as thatíd extend the length way too much. Besides, itíll give you something to watch for in the next month.

One more thing to add: I co-MCíed a friendís wedding last month. It went fairly well (and I donít think heíd disagree) except for letting the cat out of the bag to his parents that heíd rolled his car in high school. Really though, in my defence, who can keep that a secret? Wouldnít most parents notice when one evening you left in your car and then they never saw it again? I thought that, of all the tales I could have told, that was one of the safest! /P>

Iím afraid the much-anticipated housewarming will have to wait until Iím back in November (although I will be going to Saskatoon at some point that month) but like I said, anyone is welcome to ring me and drop by before then (if they can catch me at home). I think thatís a wrap for now. I can always send another update if I think of any more news. Take care everybody!


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